The Citizens of Dave Village

Dave DiCesare
President, Founder

Currently lives in the Dave Village condo. Is waiting for castle to be built.
Thinking of ways to encourage growth in Dave Village.


Frederick Artisian
Art Gallery Curator

Frederick came from Italy as a young lad. He now is the curator at the art gallery and sleeps in the art gallery basement.
Art is his passion and love.


Lucy Connection
Links Inc President

Lucy runs the Links building. She lives in the Dave Village condo complex but would like to live in the country one day. Lucy is well connected in the community.


Scott Kammerer
Scott lives in the house in front of the golf course. He has moved to Dave Village to help build new buildings. He is also a member of the subdivision planning committee.


Mike Stafford [Mike's web page]

My name is MWSTAFFO (AKA Mike Stafford). I am a resident of Dave Village. I live next to Scott K.
My occupation is the town Phrenologist. That's a person who determines your future by feeling the bumps on your head. It's a real profession.

Diane M
Career Consultant

My name is Diane.  I started a career center in Dave Village.  Visit my home to see how to improve your career.


John and Ginger
Tie shop owner

Hi, we live behind the tie shop.  We make a good living selling ties there.  If you'd like to learn more about us be sure to visit our home above the tie shop.


Rick Walt
Corporate Wizard

Hey there.  I'm Rick.  I work in the big blue sky scraper of Dave Village.  If you ever need anything come talk to me.  If you want to experience the cool visions of my page just click on my house near the art gallery.


Gordon Tribbey

Town Historian

Gordon is working hard in Dave Village and is trying to initiate the Dave Village Historical Society.   Visit his house near the Art Gallery to visit the wonderful world of Gordon.


Merle Branner 
Baseball Fanatic

Merle is in charge of athletic activities of the village.  Visit her web page to see really neat baseball items.

The citizens of Dave Village welcome you. If you would like the Dave Village Building Corp. to make you a home in Dave Village please send an email message
Please include a web page link or email address that you would like your Dave Village home to contain.


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