What's New

The following is a list of the major changes to these web pages:

bullet 10/13/1997 - Created Picture of the Month Directory
bullet 10/28/1997 - Brought Dave Village online and linked to Dave World on AOL
bullet 11/9/1997 - Added my cousin Matthews birthday party and the halloween party
bullet 12/16/1997 - See some Real Movies I created.
bullet 12/30/1997 - Revamped the art gallery.
bullet 2/16/1998 - Create navigation bars on most pages.
bullet 2/21/1998 - Implement Microsoft Themes.  Created Table of Contents.  Created registry
bullet 4/18/1998 - You can take a movie survey   See the results of the survey.  Meet the citizens of Dave Village.
bullet 4/22/1998 - More data transfer rates for Realvideo movies and an additional question in the movie survey.
bullet 9/14/1998 - See my ship. dshipa.jpg (7371 bytes)
bullet 11/13/1999 - Fantasy Photos
bullet 11/27/1999 - Theme Parks
bullet 1/15/2000 - The Dave Village Conference Center.  The company that hosted this service (hearme.com) went out of business so this page no longer exists.
bullet 1/19/2000 - A variation of a painting called sunlake  See mom's paintings in a 3D cube.
bullet 6/4/2000 - Look out from my patio in 360 degrees.  See a pocket version of the 360 degree picture.
bullet 6/21/2000 - switched from Valueweb to Server101 web hosting.  Sorry for the mess.
bullet 10/27/2001 - I got married to Josie!  View the wedding photos.
bullet 9/6/2006 - Been a while since changes were made, but you can see photos from our South Dakota trip in May, 2005.
bullet 2/8/2012 - Clean up links.



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